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Q & A : Governance in Ancient India

Adi ji describes how the Pandavas’ capital city-state, Indraprastha, was designed and built, the technology used to create it, its protection mechanisms and Yudhishthira’s exceptionally just administration. Similarly, Lord Rama’s reign, the Ramarajya, is held as the perfect reign by Indians. The brilliance of Rama’s rule was such that he had succeeded in establishing measures to harmonize the natural and social forces completely so that the society was free from their destabilizing effects. Such a stable society gave each individual full freedom of expression of their nature, swabhava, and hence the city-state was the centre of intense growth and prosperity in a kingdom. Adi ji also explains how there needs to be a proper system and training of the next-in-line to hand down, from generation to generation, the knowledge and practices of rajya dharma. Otherwise it would be lost with the passage of time.

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Tamil Literature

Kandhar Anubhuti : Part 2

Sharanaagati is the state of complete submission to one’s Guru or Ishtadevata. Sharanaagati leads to tremendous outcomes and many great Masters have showed this to be very true. It is a phenomenal state that is worthwhile our life’s time to aspire and pursue. In taking us closer to the attainment of the golden state of Sharanaagati at the Feet of Muruga Peruman – Lord Skanda, Saint Arunagirinathar guides and shows the way for longing seekers.

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