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Do Prayers work? To the question "Do prayers work", Adinarayanan Ji answers by narrating a story from the Mahabharata. Quite a lot of work happens in the background when we pray.

  Q : So many people have this question, whether our prayers are actually being answered. So we go to the temple, pray for something, but sometimes what we pray for happens but sometimes it doesn’t happen, so is there something that is going on in the background? Okay, this becomes a very important question, because especially since now our […]

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TEDx Talk: Cognitive Impact of Yoga In this TEDx talk, Shri. Adinarayanan narrates the cognitive capabilities of Bhishma and how Yoga when practiced by us can enhance not just our physical and emotional capabilities but can immensely benefit our cognition.

Ellarkum Vanakkam! One thing after another All of us want to be successful, and want to become great persons. The new age definition of greatness is in terms of being capable of handling cognitive load, with a heart. It so happens that, during our 10th standard, we are told,”Do your 10th standard well.” And that life will be good. Right? […]

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Building Successful Businesses This is an excerpt from the talk delivered by our Founders at Kapargam University to MBA students.

India: A Land of Opportunities From time immemorial India has been a land of opportunities. Many have this view that we were primitive people in the past and western influence has helped us to prosper. The opposite is true, in many ways. Let’s take a simple example. The GDP of India was estimated at 25% of the world GDP in […]

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A Memo about the Women in the Mahabharata This article looks at some inspirational women in the Mahabharata in the context of the Anti-Diversity Memo circulated by a Google Employee

A recent controversy has erupted in Google with an employee writing an internal memo against gender diversity and equality. Its now known as the anti-diversity memo. This memo was 10 pages long and has been going viral on social media. Google has fired the employee and the VP of Diversity, Integrity and Governance has issued a statement on Google’s commitment […]

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