Category: Ecology

From making the Earth suitable for life by producing oxygen around 2.5 billion years ago, to helping solve the unprecedented challenges that mankind is facing today, microbes play a much larger and more crucial role in the Earth’s ecosystem than we can comprehend or imagine. They hold the key to understanding and solving the most crucial issues right from soil fertility, to human health and water treatment. But where are these microbes? Read about them

Wake up. Brush. Flush. Bathe. Eat. Dress up. Spray. – has become the new norm Wait, but what’s the ‘spray’? Deodorants, ofcourse! Deodorants have moved from being just a niche personal care product to an everyday must-use product. Pleasant body odour today extends well beyond being just an indicator of good personal hygiene and also plays a role in one’s social life, personal confidence and presentation.

Looking at the ethical, faith and spiritual dimensions of Geo Engineering is a significant step in the Climate Talks happening at Poland. Take a look at what Hindu dharma has to say about Geo Engineering. This report was released in Poland at the #UNFCC in December 2018

The people of Bharata revered and worshipped the rivers, mountains, plants, animals and Bhumidevi as expressions of Mother Divine. They consciously aligned their lifestyles in a way as to cause little or no harm to beings around them. Maintaining the balance of life was always the core of our culture, and this balance is true sustainability.