Category: Mahabharata

The Mahabharata discusses on complex subtlety of the four Purusharthas or the purpose of life consisting of Dharma(Right Principles), Artha(Prosperity), Kama(Enjoyment or Fulfillment) and Moksha(Freedom), as well as practical advice for those who pursue these four Purusharthas of life. Let’s see one such less-known instance from the epic that has some practical advice for a servant who will work for the king (or in the contemporary sense, a person who will be working under a leader/manager). I call it the Followership Principles.

In India, many people undertake theerthayatras-holy pilgrimages. Modern people think that all of this is just superstition, but it is not so. Let us see how a theerthayatra helps us evolve as a person, how it helps us dissolve our papa, sins, how it helps us move towards Dharma, and how it helps us empathize not just with fellow human beings, but with other beings that share this planet with us. We shall see all this and more, in the course of this chapter.