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Sharanaagati is the state of complete submission to one’s Guru or Ishtadevata. Sharanaagati leads to tremendous outcomes and many great Masters have showed this to be very true. It is a phenomenal state that is worthwhile our life’s time to aspire and pursue. In taking us closer to the attainment of the golden state of Sharanaagati at the Feet of Muruga Peruman – Lord Skanda, Saint Arunagirinathar guides and shows the way for longing seekers.

Sri Patanjali Siddhar also famously called as Maharishi Patanjali, is considered foremost among the Pathinen Siddhargal. The information on Patanjali is available only in Puranas,[…]

According to Purana’s Siddhar Dhanvantari is an avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism, who appeared at the churning of the ocean. Bhagavata Purana states that Dhanvantari[…]

Ramadevar or Uromarishi or Yacob Siddhar is a great siddhar who occupies a distinct and significant part in the Tamil Siddha Medicine System for his[…]

This month’s edition (July 2017) is very special for us in many ways. This month’s edition marks the first lunar year of our ongoing series[…]