How Hindu Ethics Can Help Weigh the Potential Risks or Benefits of Climate Engineering Methods Looking at the ethical, faith and spiritual dimensions of Geo Engineering is a significant step in the Climate Talks happening at Poland. Take a look at what Hindu dharma has to say about Geo Engineering. This report was released in Poland at the #UNFCC in December 2018

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When the IPCC released its 1.50C report in October 2018, the results seemed unequivocally clear: the world needs to move away from fossil fuels, end tropical deforestation, electrify transportation, adopt low-carbon lifestyles and more–at scale and with urgent speed–or face certain, devastating consequences from climate change.
What received less attention was an additional caveat. The report made it clear that any scientifically realistic pathway to a future in which temperature rise is limited to 1.50C requires the use of “negative emissions” approaches and technologies.

In response, and because discussion of this topic is growing in
public and among leaders in science, government, industry and leading climate NGOs, the time has come for religious groups to play our role by sharing moral and religious responses to climate engineering. Read the article contributed by founders of Anaadi Foundation in GreenFaith’s report titled “PLAYING GOD?-  MULTI-FAITH RESPONSES TO THE PROSPECT OF CLIMATE ENGINEERING”

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