IITD Talk: The Path of Action

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The role of action is very significant. Action-orientation can help youngsters in a big way. Decisive action is that, where you have decided this week, this needs to be done, you just, roll up your sleeves and get it done, then that is out of your mind space. That does not mean the overall goal is done. But, whatever needs to be done at the current point in time is done, it is like, you have an assignment tomorrow and you have postponed or procrastinated till the last minute, you will see you will not be able to sit in class, neither can you get out. Sitting here you will all the while be thinking about that, even when that is at hand, you will all the while be saying,”This is there, this is there, this is there…” That is a very inefficient and ineffective way to approach work. It is simpler to just see, “Okay, this, this…for this, I need to do that, and you do that”. To that extent, to the extent of your effort and your background, that you have already built up, anyhow the result, what you broadly require will happen. That is the effective way towards success. Otherwise, you will neither be here nor there. This is the path of action. So that becomes critical. It is not too much about philosophizing. It is about getting into the act. Just do it!… You simply do it. You have thought about it, this is what needs to be done, and you do it. Say for example, two months down the line, you have exams. You plan ahead, “Okay, this is how much I need to put in effort, for this kind of result”, Let us say, you have that sort of an idea.. All that you need to do is execute that. But in the process, you might encounter, “Okay, at this time, I can do this, I can do that,, I can do this, I can do that…Oh! So many choices. What do I do?” That might also happen. But when that happens, at that point in time, what all can you do? If it is something serious, you can do only one thing. If it is not so serious, or if is that which does not require so much attention, you can juggle. So it depends on the quality of the work. So juggling things, you can juggle. Those that require intense focused effort for that period of time, you will need to allocate that time and get it over with. Then you will see, actually, it is a great life. And towards that, one very important thing that helps is for example, morning you wake up and do 18 Surya Namaskars. You will see you will get into the groove of action. You will just get things done.” Abhi nahi, baad mein…abhi nahi baad mein…abhu nahi baad mein…” This if it does not come out of laziness or lethargy, it is called strategy. But if you are in a position to get something done and if you don’t do it, then that stalls your progress. That will stall it. It will occupy the space here and eat it there. It will be like – “Oh..I have not done that…I have not done that…I have not done that…” You will not be able to do anything peacefully.

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