Siddhar Charithiram: Boganathar This is an ongoing series on the Siddhar Paramabarai of India. Siddha refers to perfected masters who have achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment. In this article, we will see the glory of Siddha Boganathar.

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This is an ongoing series on the Siddhar Paramabarai of India. Siddha refers to perfected masters who have achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment. We look at various Siddhas who have graced upon this earth with their Presence – their life and the wisdom they shared in the form of poems, couplets that are referred to as Siddhar Padalgal. To begin with, we are looking at Siddhas from the tradition of “Pathinen Siddhargal“. In the previous issues, we saw about Kudhambai Siddhar, Pambatti Siddhar, Idaikkaattu Siddhar, Sattaimuni Siddhar, Sundaraanandar Siddhar, Karuvoorar Siddhar, Goraknatha Siddhar, Matsyendranatha Siddhar, Ramadevar Siddhar, Dhanvantari Siddhar, Patanjali Siddhar, Siddha Thirumoolar, Siddha Konganar, Siddha Vanmikar and Kamalamuni Siddhar. In the Guru Poornima special edition of series we were blessed to also write about the great Siddha Avvai.We also saw how the Siddhargal poetry is presented in Sandhya Bhasha. In this article, we will see the glory of Siddha Boganathar.

Boganathar Siddhar

Bogar is a legendary South Indian Siddhar (a Mystic and a Yogi). He had miraculous powers. Most of the understanding of the biography of Siddhar Bogar is based on two of his poems, Janana Sagaram-557 and Saptakandam which is also called as Bogar-7000. Bhogar was a South Indian by birth, belonging to the lineage of visvakarma (goldsmiths), who became a siddhapurusha under the guidance of Siddha Kalanginaathar. Kalanginaathar Siddhar is the disciple of Siddha Tirumular. Many a times in his works, Bogar calls Tirumular his great grant guru, in tamil Pattar. Describing his life to Pulippani (Bogar’s Disciple), Bogar says he received initiation (diksha = empowerment) from his Guru Siddha Kalanginathar, who taught him all Sastras, Itihasas (great epics), Yoga and the path to attain Samadhi. He learnt Brahma-Vidya from the great Tamil sage and Siddha Agastya Peruman. Later, he wrote Boga Sastra of 7000 which includes the techniques of yantra, mantra and tantra. After learning the techniques of Yoga, mantra and tantra he travelled all over the world and also went to China. The call to visit China came from his Guru Kalangi who was in search of a successor to carry on his mission there. He visited China several times and trained Chinese in Siddha sciences, medicine, Yoga and ancient arts.

In Bogar’s Saptakanda he reveals details of various medicinal preparations to his disciple Pullippani (so named as he is believed to have wandered in the forests atop a puli or tiger) and at every stage he quotes his guru as the authority. Also Pulippani must have been a young man then, as he is often referred to as a balaka.

Bogar anticipating that in due course of period, during the kali yuga human beings will suffer from large number of disease. As an expert in medicine he used 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous medicine (Nava Bashanam), mixing these 9 poisons into one needs great knowledge and skill, to make a Master Medicine ( One medicine to cure all disease ). Siddhar Thirumoolar also discuss one such Master Medicine in his book Thiru Mandiram. With the consultation of Agasthiar ( Father of Ayurvedic Medicine) and other siddhars, Bogar concocted the 9 poisons (Nava Pashanam) and made the Master Medicine in the form of Lord Murugan who is celebrated and worshiped at Palani Murugan temple.

Legend has it that, at Ivar Malai, Siddha Boganathar prepared the concoction of navapashana, to make the moorthi of Pazhaniandavar, the revered Lord at Palani. It is our good fortune that at the foothills of Ivar Malai, at the Chidakasha Hall of Anaadi Foundation, we are writing this article. Siddha Boganathar is also said to have been associated with Mahavatar Babaji. He is called as the Jnana Guru of Babaji.

In this edition, we shall see a few gems from the mystical work Samadhi Dhikshai blessed by Boganatha Siddhar. In the very first verse of Samadhi Dhikshai, Bogar Peruman directs the seeker to kindle the energies from muladhara-chakra through pranayama and direct it to the chakra of the syllable ya – ajna-chakra.

பொருந்திடும் வட்டம் பூவிதழ் யகாரம்
திரிந்திடும் வாசி செலுத்திய அவ்விடஞ்
சொரிந்திடும் நூலுஞ் சொக்கிடும் வெளியிடும்
இருந்திடு மூல மிருத்திநீ யூதே

Release the meditative energy from Muldadhara
Direct the breath through the four circles
To the circle of the syllable ya
Where rhythmic breathing is internalized

Boganatha Siddhar also bestows on the sadhakas the nuances of the samadhi – state of equanimity, by stating when the kundalini-shakthi blossoms forth, amrita shall descend from sahasrara to ajna-chakra, leaving on with experience of supreme equanimity – samadhi.

தானென மண்டலந் தாக்கிநீ வூதிடக்
கோனென வழலைக் குமட்டிக் குருவாம்
மேனென மெய்ப்பொரு ளெடுத்திடு மப்பலம்
வானென நிமிளை விடியிருஞ் சமனே

To attain liberation direct the prana to the chakra
Where the supreme coiled snake is the guru
Whose sublime wisdom will remove misery
The great red ambrosia trickling down shall bring the mind to peace

Siddha Boganathar also explains how kundalini passing through the six chakras will pave the way for samadhi, that makes jnana as a prathyaksha. Siddha Kakabhushandar calls this the state of “wandering samadhi”. Soak in!

சமனெனு முயிர்ச் சார்ந்த யிடையிடு
தமனெனுட் டீக்கறுப்புத் தாக்கிடு அவ்விடை
கமனெனு பாத்திரம் சடுவங்க மாகும்
அமனெனு சமாதி அடைப்பது தானே

The state of samadhi of the soul is permeated
In me as a friend inside, where wisdom has driven away ignorance
And the six adharas, which form the space of the body
Become gateway for the self-effulgent samadhi

Siddha Boganathar shows the way to realize one’s full potential by breaking away the limitations of the body. For that Siddha Boganathar clearly prescribes Hatha Yoga.

அடைப்பது பெட்டி மூடிய மடவாய்
திடப்பது மூடித் திறந்திடு அக்குழி
கடைப்பது அறுசாண் கலத்தி டுபாதி
திடப்பது பற்பந்தி சயகீழ் மேலிடே

To preserve the body, open the lid
The lid is opened by Hatha Yoga
The human body is the gateway
By reversing the many-bonded body, make it the truth and achieve victory

The elixirs offered by Siddha Boganathar are so many. We invite you to contemplate more on these lines and share with us your insights. We also invite you to share with us lines from Siddhar Padalgal that have deeply touched you. You could write to us at