Books for Bala Kathalaya: Anaadi’s Childrens Library

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Books are a great source of knowledge and inspiration. The right set of books help to set the right vision for life. Values when taught through stories leave a deep impression in the minds of the listener and this is so true with children. The Indian Puranas, Ithihaasas and life stories of great Indian people help to build a stronger identity with the land of our birth and make us more connected with the Indian ethos. At Anaadi Foundation, we are starting a library and kathalaya for children in the month of March. Anaadi Bala Kathalaya will be a hangout space for children where they can listen to stories, read books and discuss with each other. Bala Kathalaya will be an immersive learning space for children where samskaras can be built through the great Indian stories. We believe in team work to make things happen and we seek your support in building a meaningful space for children. We seek your support in donating books for the library. Here is a form to express your interest to donate books. You can donate by a) Buying online and shipping b) Donating Gift Vouchers c) Shipping your own collection. Anaadi Bala Kathalaya will serve as a lending library and a space for reading and story telling. We also plan to orient young people interested in story telling to volunteer for the sessions for children.

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