Goraknatha Siddhar

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Goraknatha Siddhar is a great Siddha and a disciple of the great Matsyendranatha Siddhar and both the Guru and his Sishya are among the revered Pathinen Siddhargal. Also known as Goraknath amongst the Navnath yogis, Goraknathar wrote texts with verses on medicine, philosophy, and alchemy. Agathiar and Bogar were also his Parama-Gurus. Like other Siddhas, Goraknathar has produced many works on Medicine, Philosophy, and Alchemy. Agathiyar is said to have given Goraknathar the duty of safeguarding the secrets of alchemy: the student of alchemy must worship Goraknathar and seek his grace to excel in the field.

Gorakar Muligai and Gorakar Vaippu are revered texts in Siddha medicine given by Goraknatha Siddhar. Goraknathar also gave Avadhootha Gita, a classic text and one among the major works propounding hatha yoga – Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Legends state that Goraknatha Siddhar’s Jeeva samadhi temple is in Vadukupoigainallur of Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. Many also consider to be in Poyur, Girnar. Goraknatha Siddhar is said to have also spent a portion of his growing-up years in the Velliangiri Mountains in Coimbatore. Other sanctums related with Goraknathar are Perur (Coimbatore), Thiruchendur, and Triconamalli. Goraknathar caves can also be found in Chaturagiri and Kolli Hills.

Goraknatha Siddhar is such a powerful being that his influence can be seen on the Spiritual evolution of the entire Indian subcontinent. Goraknatha Siddhar was an influential founder of the Nath Hindu monastic movement in India. In Nath tradition, he is considered as one of the two notable disciples of Matsyendranath.

The Gurkhas of Nepal and Indian Gorkhas take their name from this siddha. Gorkha, a historical district of Nepal, is named after him. There is a cave with his paduka (footwear) and an idol of him there. Every year on the day of Baisakh Purnima there is a great celebration in Gorkha at his cave, called Rot Mahotsav. It has been celebrated for the last seven hundred years.

Like Gorkhas in the North there is also a group of people called “Yogeeswarar” in South India, Kanyakumari district, Sucheeendram taluk, Akkarai village- whose Kula Guru is Goraknatha Siddhar.

Legend says that long back Goraknatha Siddhar, during one of his many wanderings, came to the Akkarai village and stayed with these people. They accepted the Yogeeswarar as their guru. When Goraknatha Siddhar wished to leave them, the sad group followed him for some miles till he entered a small Lord Shiva temple for meditation at a village called Korrandy. The long awaiting group in front of the temple finally decided to check for Goraknatha Siddhar inside the temple and they were all surprised on not finding him there. They believed that this is the samadhi of Goraknatha temple and they still conduct Poojas there. This temple is called as Korikkanathar Thirukkoil located at the village called as Korrandy, Therur, nearby Sucheendram, Kanyakumari District.

Including Goraknatha Siddhar and Matsyendranatha Siddhar, the Nath sect consists of nine Naths. It is stated that the nine Naths and 84 Siddhas (a more detailed list of Siddhars including Pathinen Siddhas) are all human forms created as yogic manifestations to spread the message of yoga and meditation to the world.

It is our blessing and privilege to expound some of the works of the great and venerated Goraknatha Siddhar. Many songs of Goraknatha Siddhar are replete with Sandhya Bhasha, medicinal recipes, documentation of experiences and instructions to sadhakas of various levels of progression and intensity. In the mystical first poem we present here, Goraknathar speaks of the secrets he has left for seekers such as us and invites us with a promise that the deserving seeker is blessed for sure.

மறைத்திட்டே னென்குகையி லனேக சித்தை
மைந்தனே வுன்றன்பேர்ச் சொல்லி வைத்தேன்
துறையதனைக் கண்டுநீ யெடுத்துக் கொள்ளு
சொல்லாதே யொருவருக்கும் தொசந் தோசம்
முறையாக விதையறிந்து நடந்தா யானால்
முனிவர்ளுஞ் சித்தர்களும் புகழு வார்கள்
நிறையாக தெரிந்துகொள் மைந்தா நீயும்
நீடூழி காலம்வரை வாழ்கு வாயே

I have hid many secrets in the cave.
Oh Son, I have signified your name!
Go to your section and take it!
Do not speak of it, for it isn’t appropriate.
If you follow the proper instructions,
The Sages and Siddhas shall shower praises.
Understand completely, oh my son!
May you live for eternity!

Reading this song was so welcoming and seemed as an invitation by Goraknatha Peruman to dip into what he offers us, for it is his blessing and destiny that we are even reading these lines of Goraknatha Siddhar.

And in the following lines, Goraknatha Siddhar reveals how the immaculate Shakthi beholds the entire creation and is beyond the time cycles of maha yugas and maha pralayas. Goraknatha Siddhar also instructs that the immaculate Shakthi resides in the rising Kundalini.
நாட்டியே ஈஸ்பரியுந் தனித் திருந்து
நன்மைபெற சிருஷ்டிப்பா ளண்டந் தன்னை
ஆட்டியே யுகமதுதான் முடிந்த காலம்
அப்பனே பரமசத்தி யழியாள் பாரு
தாட்டிகமாய்ச் சத்திக்கு ளெலாம டங்கும்
தன்மையுள்ள வல்லசத்தி தரிக்கும் வீடு
மூட்டியதோர் குண்டலித்தாய் வாசஞ் செய்யும்
மூலமதை யறிந்துநீ குருவைக் காணே

The Mother stands all alone
And delivers creation to attain the good!
Even when the Yuga winds up and time runs out,
My dear, see! The Mother does not perish.
All creation is contained within Shakthi!
The infinite space is the immaculate Shakthi’s home!
Mother resides in the rising Kundalini,
Realize the Source and see the Guru!

In order to understand the intricacies of the cosmic time cycles, we recommend you read “ Unending Quest: Rishikesh Reflections” book by Anaadi Foundation. The book is a compilation of Q&A with Shri. Adinarayanan covering a wide array of interesting questions and eye-opening answers documented during the Anaadi Foundation Rishikesh Retreat 2015.

In the following song, Goraknatha Siddhar extols the thundering flood of Grace bestowed by the Guru. He points out that the holy feet of the Guru are the roots for liberation. Goraknatha Peruman also shares the subtle experiences of the states as one raises in spiritual consciousness, leading to a flame of tapasya that will burn the impurities of ignorance and the seeds of karma.

குருகண்டு கால்பிடித் தேறும் போது
குபீரென்று தள்ளுமடா வேகத் தாலே
திருகண்டு வாயுவுக்கு மேல தாகத்
திகழொளியு மெத்தவடா சப்த மேகம்
இருட்கொண்டு மழைபொழியு மிருட்டுங் கனமும்
இயற்க்கைதனை யறியாமல் மாண்டார் கோடி
அருட்கொண்டு மதைக்கடந் தப்பாற் சென்றால்
அப்பனே வொளிவீசுங் கண்கொள் ளாதே

Attaining the Guru, holding onto Guru’s feet
As you raise, the speed shall thwart and throw you!
The flame shall shine more
Than the wind; And the seven clouds shall
Shroud dark, shower rains and grow darker!
Ignorant of the nature many have passed away.
By the Grace, If you do not miss and attain,
Oh dear! The eyes cannot behold the radiant glow!

There are many stories that extol Goraknatha Siddhar’s guru bhakthi. It is said that Goraknatha Siddhar always followed vigorously and extensively, every instruction from his guru Matsyendranatha Siddhar. The Nath samprathaya pays their immense respect to these great masters. In his travels Goraknatha Siddhar had criss-crossed the Indian subcontinent and as pointed to earlier, a diverse geographical areas have significance to his historic presence. And diverse traditions hail his greatness. Even the writings of Sant Kabir and the Sikhs tradition have many references to Goraknatha Peruman.

In this edition, we have presented a few gems from the works of Goraknatha Siddhar from his tamil text “Brahma Jnana Suttiram”. We invite you to contemplate more on these lines and share with us your insights. We also invite you to share with us lines from Siddhar Padalgal that have deeply touched you. You could write to us at anaadifoundation@gmail.com.

In absorbing this, may our abhyasa continue, may our shraddha in the Siddha Parampara strengthen and may revelations awaken as we grow within!