Ramadevar Siddhar

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Ramadevar or Uromarishi or Yacob Siddhar is a great siddhar who occupies a distinct and significant part in the Tamil Siddha Medicine System for his discoveries in all the spheres of Siddha Science. An eminent thinker and lively researcher, was well known for his simple usage of Tamil language to describe extraordinary concepts in Siddha Science. Bogar in his biographies about Siddhas says, he was born in a Brahmin family. The guru of Ramadevar Siddhar is the great Siddhar Pulasthiyar. After entering into the world of Siddha science, Siddhar Ramadevar by the dint of his deep meditation techniques awakened his kundalini energy. He succeeded in bringing the energies through the chakras up to the crown and united with the Divine for long. He attained perfection in Attama Siddhis and said to have performed many miracles called Jaalam in Tamil.

Right from his early stage, he used to be a devotee of Sivashakthi. He himself states in his work Ramadevar Vaidya Kaviyam how he was blessed by Yoga-Sakthi Manonmani: “Having realized the magnanimity and greatness of Guru and having worshiped Sivashakthi, and having attained the benefits thereof, I took upon myself the celebrated state of supreme absorptive consciousness knows as sancara-samadhi (a deeply absorbed state, in which the Siddha moves about freely in space). When I was roaming through all the eight directions, I saw a sacred place and realized its nada aspects. I was graciously endowed with the essential nature of Mother Manonmani. With Her heart full of abounding love, She called me to Her side and endowed me with the everlasting truthful Jnana. Thereupon, I was able to regain my own essential form.”

Ramadevar Siddhar lived in the port town of Nagapattinam. Once, he was gifted with a Shiva Linga through the grace of Lord Kasi Vishwanath, during one of his visits. He invoked the vibrant presence of Kasi Vishwanath upon the Linga and consecrated it at Nagapattinam, where he worshiped the Lord daily. At that time, Nagapattinam was a well-known harbor, frequented by Arab merchants. These merchants invoked in Ramdevar an intense desire to become close to them. With this thought one day he was seated in deep meditation in Nagapattinam; but when he woke up from his meditation he found himself in the Arab country! He realized that he was able to reach that place through sancara-samadhi. Though initially he was harassed, Ramadevar was able to win over the confidence of the Arabs who also insisted that he be converted to Islam. Even as an Arab he worshiped nabigal nayagam, the messenger of Allah in mecca and got his blessings and compiled his works on Siddha medicine, Siddha Yoga and Siddha Jnana philosophies. This incident is also noted by Bogar in his Bogar-7000 song:

ஓதவே நபிநாயகர் கூட்டத்தாரகள்
உத்தமர்கள் மனம்போலே மனதுவந்து
நீதமுடன் மக்கபுரி கோட்டைக் குள்ளே
நிஷ்களங்க பக்கிரி யாகோபு தன்னை
கோதமுடன் கொண்டு சென்றார் அரண்மனைக்குள்
கேறாமல் கொத்துபா ஓதினார்கள்
வீதமது பயனறிந்த சித்து தாமும்
விடுபட்டு வந்ததொரு யாகோபாச்சே

Being attired in the style of Arabs, Ramadevar (now Jacob) moved freely with the local people. Some Arabs even became his disciples. It is said that Ramadevar lost himself in samadhi for 40 years in Mecca. Emerging from Samadhi with the drizzling effulgent form and getting directive from the great Siddha alchemist Bogar, he returned to Tamil Nadu from Mecca and stayed in Sathuragiri hills and translated his works to Tamil from Arabic. In his works, Ramadevar deals a variety of subjects: the secrets of Siddha science, the importance of kumbhaka, significance of Beeja Mantra, the ten initiations (Diksha) and so forth. The wordings and use of language in his works enables readers to easily understand about the Siddha medicine system. His works also answers the question “How to awaken kundalini energy and bring it up step-wise?”. He finally attained Jeeva Samadhi at Alagar Malai in Madurai. It is such a great privilege that we here have the opportunity to present some works of this great siddhar.

We begin with Ramadevar song with his instructions on how to attain to the Mother Manonmani.

ஆதியென்ற மணிவிளக்கை யறிய வேணும்
அகண்டபரி பூரணத்தைக் காண வேணும்
சோதியென்ற துய்யவெளி மார்க்க மெல்லாம்
சுகம்பெறவே மணோன்மணியென் னாத்தாள் தன்னை
நீதியென்ற பரஞ்சோதி ஆயி பாதம்
நிர்குணத்தி நின்றநிலை யாருங் காணார்
வேதியென்ற வேதாந்தத் துள்ளே நின்று
விளங்குவதும் பூசையிது வீண் போகாதே

The source, the gem of a lamp, must be known
The expansive completeness, must be seen
All the paths to the lure of the pure space
To attain the bliss of my Mother Manonmani
The supreme flame, that is righteousness, the feet of Mother
Standing in a state devoid of gunas, none can grasp
Residing in the pyre of Vedanta
Such is this worship, and it shall not be wasteful

With a mind devoid of gunas, to worship at the feet of Mother Manonmani is the way to reach the source, the gem of the lamp says Ramadevar. After expounding on the Feminine aspect, Sakthi- Ramadevar speaks about The One, Sivam, the Supreme Being and how to see Him!

ஒன்றான தொன்றேன்றும் பலவா மென்றும்
உள்ளென்றும் புறமென்றும் உளறு வார்கள்
ஒன்றான வெளிக்குள்ளே பிரித்து நின்றே
ஒத்திருந்த தல்லாமல் மற்றொன் றில்லை
ஒன்றான கருவுமொரு கருவு மாச்சு
உயர்ந்துநின்ற சத்திசிவ மிரண்டு மாச்சு
ஒன்றான மூலமெல்லா மதற்குள் ளாச்சு
உத்துநின்று மனமுரைத்தா லென்று காணே

Appears as one and also as many
As the within and as all that is outside, they fancy!
To stand apart from the One, vast space
There is nothing to exist other than the One!
The seed that forged hence became the seed
To have risen to become Shakthi and Shivam, indeed!
The source that is the One resides in them
If only the mind is still, the One is seen

In the following songs, Ramadevar speaks about his works- how he started with the state of Saranaagadhi (done with total surrender and with the selfless attitude) and its importance for Seekers and Sadhakas like us.

பாரப்பா ஆத்தாளைத் தொழுதி றைஞ்சி
பரிவான சின்மையத்தின் பாதம் போற்றித்
தேரப்பா வாதிகுரு பாதம் போற்றித்
தெளிவான நாதாக்கள் பாதம் போற்றி
ஆரப்பா யிருநூற்றுப் பதினா றேன்னூல்
அனுபோகி யானக்கா லறிவான் சொன்னேன்
மாரப்பா மற்றமற்ற நூல்கள் போலே
மைந்தனே காட்டாதே மறைத்து வையே

Look! Pray and implore the Mother
Bow to the divine feet of compassionate and imbued consciousness
Grow within and bow to the feet of Adi or the primal Guru
Bow down to the feet of the great Guru Naths;
Plunge into my book of two hundred and sixteen
If experienced, one shall attain. I vouch!
Unlike plenty other books lying on the outside
Secure this book deep within you!

In this edition, we have presented a few gems from the works of Ramadevar Siddhar from his tamil texts “Poojavidhi” and “Jnanam”. We invite you to contemplate more on these lines and share with us your insights. We also invite you to share with us lines from Siddhar Padalgal that have deeply touched you. You could write to us at anaadifoundation@gmail.com.

In absorbing this, may our abhyasa continue, may our shraddha in the Siddha Parampara strengthen and may revelations awaken as we grow within!

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