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Upcoming Programs

27 Jan: Pazhani Pada Yatra

16-17 Feb: Backpack to Kumbh

6-11 May: Sustainability Field Visit to Sweden

Batch A: 25-30 May, Batch B: 31 May-5 June: Himalayan Yatra

8-23 June: Sustainability Immersion Program

Welcome to Anaadi Foundation

Founded by Shri. Adinarayanan and Smt. Smrithi, Anaadi Foundation is a Socio-spiritual organization dedicated to Self-Unfoldment of individuals. Anaadi in Sanskrit means "beginningless". The programs offered by Anaadi Foundation are aimed at inspiring young people to lead a self-reliant, sustainable and fulfilled life. Anaadi Foundation offers educational programs and conducts active research based on Indian Sciences including Indian Astronomy, Ayurveda, Cognitive-Neurosciences from a Yogic Perspective, and Indic ecology. The programs at Anaadi are woven with scientific, historic and psycho-social insights from the Ithihasa and Purana making the content relatable and relevant to a modern audience.

Vikasa Indic Youth Leadership program, summer Himalayan Yatra and Sustainability Immersion Program are flagship programs of the foundation. Anaadi Foundation also conducts Indian Sciences seminar series for school and college students on the achievements and depth of Indic sciences.

Education-Rural and Indic, Well-being, Culture and Sustainability are the focus areas of Anaadi Foundation. The highly qualified members of Anaadi Foundation work tirelessly to create concrete impact on the society through innovative rural and urban programs.

In November 2017, Anaadi Foundation was selected to participate in the ICT and Value Education panels at Chintan Shivir,a 2 Day National Workshop by MHRD. The foundation continues to contribute in this initiative of the Govt of India. Anaadi Foundation is also involved in Rural Education with the support of Tamil Nadu Government and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan of Government of India.


Culture Focus


Mahabharata is an awesome narrative and is extremely multidimensional. Designed to be experientially enriching, our Mahabarata programs are offered in various formats.

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Vikasa Leadership Retreat

Designed for youth and young professionals, this residential retreat with an Indic approach empowers one to act with vibrant energy that is rooted in inner stability.

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Himalayan Yatra

A trip to the Himalayas can be transforming in many ways. The yatra is designed to bring out the innate potential in everyone by combining treks, yogic practices, ecological education and meditation.

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Education Focus

Joy of Learning

A half-a-day program for school and college students to help them manage cognitive biases and have a stress-free joyful educational experience.

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The Children's Leadership Awakening program is a 3 Day residential camp, with an Indic approach provide children with the physical, mental and emotional tools to awaken their leadership potential.

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Joy of Teaching

Joy of Teaching is designed to equip the teachers with the necessary attitude and aptitude to be happily successful at the multiple roles and their lives. It is offered on-site as well as a residential camp.

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Wellbeing Focus


Yoga is integrated into the fabric of all the programs at Anaadi Foundation. Soukya Yoga, a set of simple practices suitable for all ages, is our flagship Yoga program.

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Mouna Tapasya

While thoughts, words and actions helps us to interact with the world, silence helps us turn inward. The Mouna Tapasya opportunity offered at Anaadi, assists participants in experiencing deep silence and peace within.

Yogic Neuroscience

Anaadi Foundation actively researches on bringing out the benefits of Yoga by blending principles from modern neuro-cognitive sciences and Yogic sciences. Yogic Neuroscience was also offered as a credit course in IIT Delhi in April 2018.

Sustainability Focus


The Anaadi Sustainablity Awareness for the Young program is being run in partnership with UN Sustainability Development Platform.

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Immersion Program

The Sustainability Immersion Program is designed to empower young people with the principles of sustainability, knowledge, and skills to lead a self reliant and sustainable life.

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Field Visit and Exploration

The Sustainability-Field Visit and Exploration (S-FIVE) is a tour of successful sustainable models of Architecture, Energy, Agriculture, Waste Management and Health

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Adinarayanan, founder, Anaadi Foundation is a Tapasvi and visionary teacher. With a decade of teaching and research experience at Amrita University, he co-founded Anaadi Foundation for societal well-being. He has an MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and was with the Software Industry before moving into academics. He has reached out to more than ten thousand students through his Computer Science, Yoga and Cultural Education based courses and programs. He has spent more than 100 days in Mouna Tapasya for the well being of all.

Smrithi Rekha Adinarayanan is the co-founder of Anaadi Foundation. She was formerly an Edtech and Cognitive Science researcher at CREATE Labs and a Faculty member of the CSE Department at Amrita University. She has an MS in Information Systems from University at Buffalo, USA and Amrita University. Before moving to Amrita, she was with Infosys Technologies, Bangalore. With a rich experience in teaching and research, Smrithi has inspired several teachers and students through her insights on the teaching and learning process. In 2015, she was at the University of LAquila, Italy as Visiting Professor. A regular practitioner of Yoga and a technology enthusiast, she blends meditation, technology, humor and stories in all her sessions. She devotes her energies in designing the various initiatives and programs of Anaadi Foundation.

Venkatapathy S

Program Director- Rural Youth Initiatives

With a PhD from Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy, Venkat is a great science communication enthusiast and an all-round intellect. He is the CTO of EduSeva Technologies, a social enterprise to enhance the quality of education.He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Cognizant. He loves interacting with the youth and is passionate about enhacing the tech skills and employability of rural youth.

Sooryanarayan D G

Program Director - School Education Initiatives

Recipient of the Gold Medal and Joshna Memorial Award 2015 for his Masters at Amrita University, Soorya handles the school education initiatives at Anaadi. He is the CEO of EduSeva Technologies, a social enterprise to enhance the quality of education. He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Tata Consultancy Services - CTO Group.

Prajna Cauvery

Program Director - Sustainability Initiatives

Prajna designs and develops curricula for the Sustainability Education programs that are offered to children and youth. An Electrical Engineer by education, Prajna is the Global Schools Ambassador at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and part of ESD Expert Net at Engagement Global - Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen.


Program Manager- Rural Youth Initiatives

With a BTech in Electrical Engineering and great passion for field work, Dharanidhar manages the rural youth initiatives of Anaadi Foundation. Extremely passionate about organic farming and natural food processing, Dharanidhar wishes to create an eco-systems for high quality organic food products to be created and made available for responsbile consumption.

Varalakshmi L

Indic Health Systems Researcher

Varalakshmi L, a former Software and Healthcare Systems Engineer, is currently researching into Indic health systems and working towards bettering their reach at a policy level. She networks with various Indic health care practitioners and policy experts to create integrated health and nutrition policies.

Aadhithyan N

AI Researcher for Indic Sciences

With a rich software development experience at Infosys Technologies, Aadhithyan will be involved with exploring the use of AI in connecting with Indian Sciences.

Mithun Chakravarthy

Indic Education Researcher

Mithun is currently looking at Indic models of education especially in the context of Gurukulams in India. He networks with various Gurukulams and working towards creating relplicable Indic education models.

Shyam Krishnakumar

Lead Indic Researcher

Shyam Krishnakumar has a BTech in Computer Science. The richness of Bharatiya Parampara and the eternal principles of Sanatana Dharma inspired Shyam to take a shift from being a Software Professional to an Indic Researcher. He is an excellent writer and speaker. He is currently at Research Fellow at Vision India Foundation .

Indic Sciences

Anaadi Foundation

4/84, Iyvar Malai
North Thathanaickenpatti
Palani Taluk

Located in the foothills on Periya Ivar Malai, North Thathanaickenpatti, Near Palani, Anaadi's 9-acre ashram is a place dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual sadhana, tapasya and intense learning. Ashram life is simple and satvik with principles from Yoga and Ayurveda woven into the schedule and menu. The day begins with Guru vandanam, Yogic Practices, Meditation and chanting. The library at the ashram has a set of carefully chosen books that enhance the spiritual thirst of the sadhakas and many youngsters find it very enriching. The residents at the ashram are technologists and engineers and hence you can find them working intensely on various projects during off-sadhana hours. You can find the ashram teeming with children during the weekends


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