Sustainability Immersion Fellowship

In Partnership with: Bio Basics and VKNARDEP

3-20 June 2018

Applications Open! Scholarships Available!

This unique Sustainability Immersion program, offered by Anaadi Foundation at the serene foothills of Aivarmalai, will empower young people with the principles of sustainability, knowledge, and skills to lead a self reliant and sustainable life.Insights on Indian sustainability practices coupled with experiential and hands on sessions will deepen the commitment of the participants to sustainability and enable them to take initiatives, inspire others and be a champion for sustainable development.


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Focus Areas

~Psychology of Sustainability
~Sustainable Food and Health
~Organic Farming
~Clean Energy
~Urban Resilience
~Eco Architecture

Career Guidance

Get guidance from successful organizations on creating farm to market solutions and products


When: Fast Track: 3 -20 June
Where: Field Visits in Coimbatore and Palani Region
Duration: 18 Days
Batch Size: 30 | Selection: Application ~ Interview ~fcfs

The Program

Learn from Experts

Fellows will get opportunities to interact with and learn from experts in the areas of sustainable architecture, agriculture, energy, businesses.

Experience Self-Reliance

Get a taste of self-reliant and eco-friendly living by personally engaging in sustainable practices. 50 Hrs of Hands-on: Organic Farming, earth-based construction, waste management and sustainable health

Co-Create Solutions

Work on real-world rural problems specific to the setting and draft local solutions. Get empowered with tools to take forward your inspiration to your networks.


# Course Lecture Hrs Practical Hrs Topics
1 Psychology of Sustainability 6
  • Developing a Vision for Sustainability
  • Self and Sustainability
  • Personal transformation for societal well being
2 UN Sustainable Development Goals 8
  • History of Economic Development
  • Growth within Planetary Boundaries: Energy, Food, Population
  • From MDGs to SDGs
3 Organic Farming 4 12
  • Soil Quality and Preparation
  • Seed Preparation
  • Pest Management
  • Organic Fertilizers
4 Sustainable Health 8 8
  • Personalised diet
  • Food-Energy nexus
  • Medicinal Garden
  • Ayurvedic cooking
5 Renewable Energy 5 10
  • Global Energy Scenario
  • Renewable and Green Energy Installation Training
6 Eco-Architecture 5 11
  • Green Designs
  • Eco Friendly Construction Materials
    7 Smart Cities and Urban Planning 8
    • Patterns of Urbanisation
    • Urban Resilience
    • Smart Infrastructure
    8 Data Anlaytics 3 13
    • Data Analytics Methods
    • Real World data sets
    • Including uni-variate hypotheses testing
    • Linear regression
    • Logistic regression
    • Text analytics and clustering
    8 Sustainable Business Practices 8
    • Frameworks for Sustainable Business Decisions
    • Ethical Businesses and Sustainability
    9 Indian ecological Worldview 8
    • Indian Ecological Practices,Sacred Nature
    • Communities and Sustainability Best Practices
    • Nature in Indian Philosophy
    • Sacred Geography
    • Integrated Worldview
    • Relating to Nature - Worship, Care and ecological ethics
    • Pancha Maha Yajna
    10 Sustainable Agri Businesses 8
    • Organic-Food Sourcing
    • Creating Viable Businesses
    10 Yoga and Meditation 10 20
    • Self-Reflection
    • Self-Awareness
    • Yogic Postures and Breathing
    • Meditation

    Workshops and Field Visits

    # Course Credit Hrs
    1 Eco-Activism 3
    2 Organic Soap Making 3
    3 Education for Sustainable Development 3 + 5 Hrs Field Visit
    3 Ayurvedic Cooking 3
    3 Earthen Made: Pottery 3

    Resource Persons


    Dr. Ove Jakobsen

    Professor of Ecological Economics

    Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
    University of Nordland, Norway

    Vivi Storsletten


    Nord University,

    Dr. Sharda Nandram

    Associate Professor

    Nyenrode Business Universiteit

    Joerg Altekruse

    Film Producer, Co-Founder


    Heiner Benking

    Independent Journalist and Science Writer

    Padma Shri. Dr. PR Krishnakumar

    Founder and MD

    Arya Vaidya Pharmacy

    Dr. Subrat Sahoo


    ABB Corporate Research

    Ms. Deepika Joon

    Program Officer, Youth Initiatives



    Admission to the program will be based on the Statement of Purpose and Motivation of the candidates. Candidates will also be interviewed on how they plan to utlize the learnings from the program and integrate it with their future work.


    Fast Track: Rs. 17,000 including Food, Shared dorm Accommodation, program fee, field visit and materials. For international participants, the fee is USD 350. Scholarships available!

    Project, Term Paper and Viable Business

    Participants will get the opportunity to work in teams on rural sustainability project in real world setting. 20 Hrs has been exclusively alloted for project work. The teams will also be guided on communicating their findings through working papers, newspaper articles etc. The working paper/term paper will extend beyond the duration the fellowship program, thereby giving participants more time to reflect on the issue and bring out well-researched solutions. Participants will also get the opportunity to be mentored on creating viable businesses based on eco products. They will chart a business plan and take if forward in the future through mentorship.

    Resource Persons

    Partnering Organizations

    Bio Basics

    Bio Basics was launched in April 2015 as a social enterprise with a mission to work for the well-being of the environment, farmers and consumers. They have been working to create a market for safe, organic, whole foods by educating the consumers, while making it easy for them to order and access safe food. The Bio Basics team is led by professionals who have quit their lucrative corporate careers to serve the cause of safe food for consumers and of organic farming for farmers. The team includes environmentalists and food activists working with local and national level groups for elimination of use of chemicals in agriculture and Genetically Modified (GM) food, while concurrently seeking a fair livelihood for our farmers and also ensuring protection and preservation of the soil, air and water for future generations. Bio Basics is the medium through which they hope to make a significant difference to our health, our farmers and our environment. The day-to-day operations are run by a motivated group of youngsters who are also inspired by this cause.
    The products range from fresh produce (vegetables, fruits, greens etc.) to whole foods (rices, millets, dals, oils, flours, spices etc.) and home and personal care products (soaps, detergents, cosmetics, etc.). All these products are grown, processed, stored and transported without direct use of chemicals.

    Mr. Ramesh Chandran

    Founder Director, Bio Basics

    Ramesh has over 22 years of corporate experience in the financial services industry across India, US and Netherlands in functions ranging from operations, human resources, fund management, corporate strategy and governance. He holds a B.Tech. degree from India, an MBA from Kelley School of Business, USA and a CFA charter from USA.

    Ms. Devi Lakshmikutty

    Founder Director, Bio Basics

    Devi has over 14 years of corporate experience, followed by over 12 years of social work with various NGOs both domestic and international. Devi holds a BA in Economics and an MS in Sociology from University of Louisville, USA.

    Cdr S Lakshmanan Iyer (Retd)

    Director, Bio Basics

    Lakshmanan holds a BTech degree in Aeronautical Engineer from IIT Bombay. After 21 years of service in the Navy, he spent four years as a volunteer at Isha Foundation, Coimbatore, initially teaching organic food gardening to children of Isha Home School, and subsequently facilitating setting up an organic farm for the Foundation. He presently handles Sales & Marketing at BioBasics.

    Vivekananda Kendra, Natural Resources Development Project, Kanyakumari

    VK-NARDEP is an integral project of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari. It was started in 1986 inspired by Indic vision of the seers: Isavasyam idam Sarvam - All Existence is permeated by Divine & Swami Vivekananda's clarion call to uplift the downtrodden masses. VK-NARDEP combines traditional wisdom and modern science and provides cost-effective alternative holistic solutions to the problems of modern living - especially for the rural communities.

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