Envisioning A Space for Sustainable Living

Located at the foothills of Periya Ivar Malai, this space will serve as a immersive learning and experimental platform for young people. Given the economic, social and environmental crisis the world is facing today, creating sustainable solutions has become immininent. The more self-reliant we become, the more we would be contributing to the sustenance of the planetary resources. At Anaadi, we feel the need to create a learning space where young people can spend some time, learn about aspects of sustainable living and self-reliance and apply them to their daily lives no matter where they are in the world. In tune with the UN's Sustainability Development Goals, the sustainable living space will serve as a scalable and replicable model.

Self-Reliant Agriculture

Many young people are distanced from soil. While they see, finished products, they know little of where it came from. Self-reliant agriculture practices will connect people back to the earth, help them grow their own food and share them with their community. An integrated goshala will take care of soil nourishment needs through natural manure.

Energy Sufficiency

Energy is a major contributor to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. Alternate energy systems like solar power, wind energy and bio-gas can go a long way in making the planet more livable for the future generations. The learning space will create opportunities to research, experiment and implement alternate energy technologies to achieve energy sufficiency.

Technology and Innovation

Access to technological resources is key to the rapid growth of the nation. Creating affordable and scalable technologies can be of benefit to a large section of the Indian population that lives in rural areas. Anaadi's sustainable space will serve as a creative laboratory where youth can learn and implement cutting-edge technological solutions.

Health and Well-Being

Health and access to healthcare are causes for concern in many people's life. The Indian tradition has insights on simple preventive health practices based on Ayurveda and Yogic sciences. With training, these insights can be learnt and applied by anyone.

Education and Training

With more and more youth becoming unemployable even after obtaining a degree, a relook at the educational process has become necessary. At Anaadi, we propose to offer skill-based programs in niche areas that can help youth gain self-confidence, jobs and be of benefit to their communities.

Shakti Leadership

More and more people are realising that the problems that face us in current times are interlinked systemically. A compartmentalised approach to solving each problem has given way to looking at it as a whole system. Shakti leadership is a carefully designed program that proposes to create future leaders that have a balanced approach to organizational management. Shakti leadership is different from women leadership in that it represents qualities to be enshrined by leaders of both genders. Compassion yet objectivity, creativity with consciousness of the impact on people and environment, well balanced intellect and emotions and a strong sense of purpose with selflessness are some of the defining characteristic of this model of leadership.

Natural Buildings

Today construction has become a very modularized and expensive activity. While this has helped to create buildings quickly, it has not helped to create lasting spaces. The sustainable living space will host buildings that are more green and reflect our connection to the soil. Volunteer built huts are something that we are excited about.