Binary Stars Simulation Binary Stars : Vashishta and Arundhati

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In one of our Mahabharata sessions, the question was:

Q: During my sister’s wedding I noticed that the couple were asked to look at the Arundathi star in the noon? Don’t you think this is a superstitious practice? The star isn’t even visible during the day!

A: Even if one cannot see the star, it is there isn’t it? When we say the sun sets, where does the sun go? It just disappears from our view, thats all! So Arundhati is there but she isn’t visible during the day. As regards the popular practice it is not so much to do with seeing with the outward as it is to do with seeing with the inner eye. Arundhati and Vashistha are binary stars. Binary stars are those thatgo around a common centre of gravity. There is a common centre of gravity and the two stars go in their own orbits around a common centre of gravity. But it also seems like they are going around each other. It is very important to understand this with respect to our design of the vivaha – vivaha dharma. Generally we show Arundhati, as a role model. Why?Because Arundhati and Vasishta are supposed to be binary stars. Our vivaha dharma was not based on the movement of the earth and sun, which is a clear inferior superior relationship. Or not based on earth and moon, which is again an inferior superior relationship in terms of one moving around the other. It was based on Arundhati and Vasishta, which are binary star systems. Interestingly, let’s say the radius we increase, it does not matter so much. But let’s increase the mass.

In Tamil we remark jokingly “Which rajyam in your house? Meenakshi or Chidambaram?”. See, in Madurai, Meenakshi is the centre of power. So Meenakshi Rajyam means the woman plays the dominant role in the house. Chidambaram rajyam means Chidambaram or Nataraja holds the dominance. But still these are binary stars. You understand? It does not make it an inferior-superior relationship. Even in Meenakshi-Sundareshwar relationship, it is not inferior superior. In mass, she predominates that’s all. So these are very important things to understand. You can learn so much from the science of astronomy and apply it to your personal life. Many people, without understanding this, start feeling superior or inferior. It’s in terms of role play. If the role requires heavier mass, if that means going around the other, so be it. It’s role play. It is never based on ahamkara. Based on what is required for such situation such role play is advised. It is a sort of team work. You don’t worry about ego too much, you just play the role that is required for the situation. Otherwise, there will always be continuous ego conflicts. And that is almost impossible to resolve. The only correction that can be applied is vision correction. Your inner vision has to become expansive and inclusive. And hence in our traditional way of marriage Arundhati and Vasishta were shown as role models worthy of emulation. Without understanding these principles when you enter a very important stage of life (marriage) you are basically entering the ocean without a compass for navigation. With these processes the expectations are set for a good and satisfying life experience fulfilling your dharma. Even when you enter an organization after college you are given an orientation setting appropriate expectations, given appropriate role models to emulate and given a career growth path fulfilling your dharma in the organization and society at large.


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