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Ganga Darshan

Himalayan Yatra

6-14 June 2017


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Joy of Teaching

Teachers' Camp

25-27 May 2017

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Welcome to Anaadi Foundation

Founded by Shri. Adinarayanan and Smt. Smrithi , Anaadi Foundation is a Socio-spiritual organization dedicated to Self-Unfoldment of individuals . Anaadi in Sanskrit means "beginningless". It represents pure consciousness which has neither beginning nor end. Anaadi Foundation is named so as the organisation does not have a "characteristic" beginning. It flowed as a natural next step in our lives. Anaadi Foundation offers a platform where those connected with us can experience their beginningless nature and lead a life of happiness, fulfillment and selfless service.

Focus Areas


With rich experience in academia, Anaadi's founders are committed to the enhancement of student and teacher motivation, access to education and enhancement of the quality of education. Our programs for teachers and students encompass insights from various domains.


Exposure to the Indian tradition and principles from our culture can help lead a self-reliant, successful and happy life. We have designed a number of programs, deep rooted in Indian principles, offered in a very contemporary manner.


In this fast paced world, health and well-being need to be cared for. Simple yogic practices can help take care of most issues we face today. Our yoga and self-reflection based programs have a deep impact on the physical, mental and emotional dimensions


At Anaadi, we envision a learning space for sustainability and self=reliance. We also envision creating sustainable businesses that can transform the entrepreneurial landscape. In tune with the UN's Sustainability Development Goals, the sustainable living space will serve as a scalable and replicable model.

Adinarayanan, founder, Anaadi Foundation is a Tapasvi and visionary teacher. With a decade of teaching experience at Amrita University, he co-founded Anaadi Foundation for societal well-being. He has an MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and was with the Software Industry before moving into academics. At Amrita University he has reached out to more than ten thousand students through his Computer Science, Yoga and Cultural Education based courses. In December 2015, he offered a week long experiential retreat program based on Yoga and Mahabharata at Rishikesh. In May 2016 Adinarayanan presented his thoughts on Shakthi Worldview at the Integral Ecology, Earth Spirituality and Economics conference held at Bodo, Norway which was attended by business and economics professors from across the globe. He also led a meditation session there. He conducted a yoga and meditation retreat at L'Aquila, Italy. In June 2016 Adinarayanan offered discourse on the Mahabharata and it's relevance in modern times at a week long summer camp organized at Rikhiapeeth, Jharkhand associated with Bihar School of Yoga. About 500 children were part of this camp. He has spent more than 100 days in Mouna Tapasya for the well being of all.

Smrithi Rekha Adinarayanan is the co-founder of Anaadi Foundation. She is pursuing research on Cognitive Science and Education Technology with CREATE Labs. She was a faculty at the CSE Department, Amrita University from 2005-2013. She has an MS in Information Systems from University at Buffalo, USA and Amrita University. Before moving to Amrita, she was with Infosys Technologies, Bangalore. With a rich experience in teaching and research, Smrithi has inspired several teachers and students through her insights on the teaching and learning process. In 2015, she was at the University of L'Aquila, Italy as Visiting Professor. A regular practitioner of Yoga and a technology enthusiast, she blends meditation, technology, humor and stories in all her sessions. She devotes her energies in designing the various initiatives and programs of Anaadi Foundation.

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